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Should You Get RV & Car Detailing Services Before a Camping Trip or Road Trip?

To answer the proposed question–“Should you get auto detailing before a vacation?”–we must analyze several possibilities as the answers will fluctuate depending on the context. So let’s discuss a few contexts before we get started. Much like repairing an appliance, detailing and cleaning the exterior of an automobile takes skill and knowledge that the average person doesn’t have. Sure, it’s easy just to take some kitchen dish soap and a garden hose to your motorcycle or recreation vehicle, but to get that finite auto detailing touch is much different. If you plan to take your car through a bunch of dirt roads or go off-roading with your truck, then getting car cleaning services before your trip might be a waste of money. But, on the other hand, if you’re going with your family on a long trip across many highways in Canada, from Victoria BC to Toronto ON for example, then getting a professional auto detailing service, for both the exterior and interior of your car, might be worth the hassle and the cost. Another thing I just want to quickly say before we dig into the details: thank you for visiting West World Canada!

To make things easy, I’d like to share 3 reasons why you should get car cleaning services before a road/camping trip and 3 reasons why you shouldn’t.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Auto Detailing Before a Trip:

  1. It might have a been a long time since you got your car professionally washed inside and out and so getting a full car wash before a trip might make the experience a whole lot more memorable.
  2. If you have children with you for your trip and you want to show them the importance of staying tidy, getting interior car cleaning before a trip will be able to show them how dirty things can get when you’re not paying attention, because I assume that by the time you get back home you might need a second interior car cleaning service. This contrast can serve as a great lesson for kids to clean up after themselves, and they will grow to appreciate a clean environment.
  3. Simply put, from my own experience, getting auto detailing services at any time, even if you never plan to drive your car again, is something unique that only car collectors can fully understand. If you’ve never experience getting a full body detail on your vehicle, than I feel safe to say that you don’t collect cars. Getting your car expertly cleaned is like going black; once you do it once you can never go back…

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Get Auto Detailing Before a Trip:

  1. Say you’re taking a four-by-four jeep to inner BC to do some off-road mayhem with the boys. If this is the case, then, yes, you might as well just use dish soap and a garden hose to get the job done because that sucker is going to get dirty again anyways. In this case, unless you can easily afford it, then getting an auto detailing service right before a trip is like renting a car before you get on a plane.
  2. Some people have certain aesthetic styles and they prefer the rusty, dirty look of a well-used truck or other vehicle. I respect these people and have met a few in the farmlands of British Columbia. In fact, in one of my visits to Victoria BC, I met a farmer who was in his late 70s and never got a car detailing service in his life, let alone had he ever cleaned his own car by hand at home, because, metaphorically speaking, getting a car wash on a car you love is like a gang member washing their bandanna; it takes away the historical value. Many car restoration experts struggle with this moral situation and more oft than not a rusty vintage car can have more value than a restored car depending on who’s buying it.
  3. This reason may come across as somewhat obvious for some people, but it’s still worth mentioning for some people. If you bought your car for $300 and could care less about it, then what’s the point of getting auto detailing services? Like, really, eh? Here in Canada, it’s possible to get a used car for next to nothing and I learned this lesson personally after a friend told a great story. The story goes as follows: My buddy, Calvin, who I had gone to high school with, once bought a used car for a little under $600. This car was what most people would admittedly refer to as a “beater” but Calvin loved it a lot and treated it like a delicate princess. Within the first few days of owning it, he got car detailing Victoria services during a road trip on Vancouver Island and spent over $700 getting the interior seats vacuumed and steam cleaned, getting the headlights restored and the frame rust checked and so on and so on. Overall, in other words, Calvin did something un-economical, and every one who knew him slapped their knees in laughter after the car broke down the next day. We all said he might as well have just gotten a cheap oil change and then he might not have needed to pay yet another $700 to get his car fixed and repaired by a mechanic. He learned his lesson early and life, and fortunately he was my friend so I go it to learn the lesson, too, and there’s no way I’ll ever make that mistake. Now, hopefully, you won’t either.

So Should You Get Car Cleaning Services Before a Trip?

As we’ve seen, the answer of whether you should get auto detailing all lies in the details–no pun intended. Here at West World Canada we want our readers to have the upper hand when it comes to quality advice that no other blogs can give about Canadian life and so we honestly say–at the end of the day–take the time to think and decide is it really worth it to pay for car cleaning services when you’re about to take your car on the road? For hard working people who can easily afford it as if it’s nothing more than simply cutting their finger nails before going to the swimming pool, the answer is obviously YES! But for other pleasure-loving people who just want to take a cheap car into the woods, the answer is obviously NO! So make the decision that’s right for you and think for yourself. We here at West World Canada hope we gave some information that can make your decision easier. Until next time, thanks for visiting our blog!

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