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Our Plan for the Future of this Wilderness Living Blog

The members of this blog never see each other, because while one’s out fishing on the lakes of Ontario, the other’s visiting the city to catch up with family, and when the former reaches town to see his kids, the latter’s then out with the camper hitting the lakes herself. You see, we’re quite busy, but since we’re both never out in the wilderness at the same time, this blog will never be neglected, unless, of course, we get bored of it; but that’s not likely to happen any time soon as we’ve found a passion for writing about and sharing our live for wildlife, camping, fishing, et cetera.

We wanted to make our first post an introduction about what we plan to do here, for potential readers to get an idea of what we’re really about. My name is Alice Scott, and my partner wishes to stay anonymous as he already has a bit of fame in this field, and wishes to have a place where he can really express his true feelings without disappointing his fans.

Following this blog you can expect to read about cool survival tips, how to stoke a fire the right way, why fishing is the best family activity–you know–stuff like that. Personally I have more experience in camping than in outdoor surviving, compared to my blogging partner, who is an expert in survival, a former police officer. Most of all we’re doing this because we enjoy it, but we also hope to create a long-term foundation for creating a second source of income via advertising. We’re being wholly honest with you when we say it’s our dream to be able to make money off a blog while we’re camping. That would mean we can go camping more! But in order to accomplish this we really understand that we’ll need to provide a sincere service here, giving valuable information and doing all we can to make our wilderness outdoor living advice wholehearted and detailed. We dream of also running a magazine one day, as we have endless stuff to talk about when it comes to this topic.

So if you enjoy reading about Canadian outdoor living, then stick around and check back on us ever and anon, for we’ll be surely ranting ,rambling and giving this blog our whole hearts. Thanks for your interest!