Why Canadians Love Working Home Appliances and Fast Washed Cars…

Not every nation is as clean as Canada. We get to benefit from many hard working men who have made use of long-standing Western values to create a great country, and the greatest metaphor for such a feat in our mind here at West World Canada is working home appliances and freshly washed cars. In other parts of the world where kitchen appliances are in a dearth and clean cars are nowhere to be seen, we here in Canada must be grateful for what we have, but it all came deservedly from ethics and putting hands to tools.

We love kitchen appliances, even when we’re camping in nature, because when we can spend less time cooking and cleaning it leaves us with time to do other things like fishing, build infrastructure and committing decades to science and study. Also, the reason we love freshly detailed and washed automobiles is a different reason. After working so hard, we need something to show for it other than internal satisfaction. External satisfaction like a new car without a single speck of dirt humming down the clean, debris-free highways of British Columbia, is a great display of success indeed, and there’s nothing wrong with flaunting what you’ve earned from hard work, as it inspires other people to work hard as well.

It’s hard for people from other cultures to understand this, but we promise that after a few years of living comfortably with a working fridge and oven, and just one minute of driving a freshly cleaned car, anyone can understand. We work hard to support each other and success never comes when it isn’t deserved. We would vouch that this lesson is taught in nature itself, as a hard working bird gets a nice nest with all her eggs in a row while a lazy bird can sit back and wonder what the big deal is. Well, we just do what makes us happy, and that’s that.

I hope this allowed some people to understand why Canadians thrive off appliances that aren’t broken and cars that aren’t rusted up and dirty.