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The Art of Appliance Repair in Canada (3 Secrets)

We’ve talked about appliance repair before because it’s one of focuses on this blog as of late, especially as we love the art of it and today, for those of you who don’t know, we’d like to share 3 things about the art of appliance repair that most people are unaware of! Let’s get started.

In an age when technology is making life in the kitchen easier for everyone who cooks and cleans, appliance repair is an essential part of society so it’s no surprise that many professionals have created a science and art surrounding it.

3 Secrets of the Art of Appliance Repair

  1. Put faith in your expertise. Much like auto detailing, expertise in any field is supposed to make your end result shine and sparkle like brand new. Trusting in yourself gives you the power to do things that people who don’t trust themselves can’t do. If you know the process, trust the process, and that appliance you fix may never break again.
  2. Use the best tools, not the cheap ones. This tip goes for every trade like plumbing, auto detailing, etc, not just appliance repair services. If you buy the best tools, you might as well pay a little extra to get a lifetime warranty on them because they’ll serve you well and that way you can replace them for free after they get worn out. Having the best tools for repairing home and commercial appliances like dishwashers and gas ovens will also make your work go by smoother, faster and the end result will be better. Plus your clients will appreciate the professionalism.
  3. Put love in every service. A lot appliance mechanics and refrigeration technicians don’t take the time to put love into not only their hand shake with the customer but in the job they’re doing. Moving quickly from one job to the next can make it easy to forget to put love into each service. So the trick is not to have the mentality of moving quickly from job to job. Putting love into your service means taking the time to do it right the first time.

If you’re an appliance repairman or repairwoman then I hope these tips help you in the industry. Coming from Vancouver BC we here at West World Canada wish you much luck and success in your family business. Cheers from the team!