Ancient Man and Fire

The most common shared human experience is sitting around a fire, and the second most common shared human experience is cooking meat around a fire. Fire, like dogs, is a best friend of mankind. But, like nature itself, it’s also a mortal enemy.

In the wild, man must survive with fire and he also must watch out for it. It can burn down his house or it can forge the tools to build a house. Ancient man and fire go together like bread and butter.

Today I pay my respect to the magic that is fire. Without you mankind would be lost in darkness. You are the sun. You are warmth. Like the ice that keeps our planet in balance, you are essential, and I love you.

Because I have mastered you, I don’t need electronic stoves when I go camping. You are all I need. The spark in you is the spark that flies from my flint, and then I get to see the power of fire before me.

Ancient man and fire… they’re born to be together forever.

vegan vs mold removal

A Vegan Says Mold Removal, like Eating Meat, is “Murder”

Perhaps it’s a natural social reaction to lack of proteins as the population gets bigger, but veganism is on the rise and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. They love animals even more than vegetables, which is why they only eat vegetables. There’s many other reasons why they choose not to eat meat and many personal reasons why they refuse to believe the science that tells them mankind is supposed to eat meat and that we’ve been eating meat healthily without any problems for millions of years thanks to ancient hunting. Anyway, this won’t be an article bashing vegans for their uneducated choices in nutrition, but it will be a commentary on one anonymous vegan who, on social media last Tuesday, after contacting one of our social group pages, rambled on and on about how the mold removal industry is, quote, “murder”.

We’re still not sure if this individual was trolling or serious, but he got at least a dozen other people in the social media group to believe them. Before this turns into a viral conflict, we here at the wilderness living blog of West World Canada want to talk about the mold removal industry, at least in Victoria BC, to explain why it’s important for homeowners to get mold removed from their home.

Vegans who love all forms of life, even mosquitos and moss, might look at mold and see beautiful life. I can respect that. But what they don’t see, especially if they don’t have a home of their own, is all the damage that this pesty “beautiful life” is doing to their home and body when they breathe in its spores. Certain kinds of mold, like the kinds that love to grow in your attic or under your floorboards, are a natural enemy of our respiratory system. So if you want to hug it, it would be actively trying to kill you, unlike a tree or other forms of “beautiful life”.

What the Mold Removal Victoria BC Professionals Say

To validate these facts, one of our authors went to and got in touch with a mold remediation expert at Victoria Mould Removal. After we tell you what they said and you still don’t believe us, try calling them yourself at (250) 800-5626. When they picked up the phone, we told them we just have a question to ask and they, fortunately for us, seemed obliged to answer.

My first question was “would you support a ‘Save the Mold’ movement if it was run by famous justice warriors?” They answered, “Absolutely not.” My next question was, “If someone in town needed a mold removal Victoria BC service, what are the top 3 reasons you would give them for ordering this service as soon as possible?”

And here is their answer: “There’s two major reasons, first of all. Mold actively damages your home, the more so as it goes untreated. Eventually, it will become so bad that your home will become a literal deathtrap, unlivable and unsafe. That’s why we must often wear serious suits to prevent exposure to mold spores when doing our job, depending on the type and extent of the mold.

“The second major reason why we’d recommend getting a mold removal Victoria BC service as soon as possible is your own health. I don’t have time to explain it to you today, but go read up on how serious this is. Mold doesn’t like you, except for the few healthy strains that are actually good for you found in our fermented foods and suchlike.

“And if I were to give a third reason it would just be stressing the first two again. No price is too high for your health, and here in Victoria BC we should be grateful we have dedicated mold removal companies to protect us–companies who really know their science and that we look up to and respect as the new guys on the block.”

To be fair, I didn’t learn anything new from their explanation, and you might not believe me when I recall what they said, but all you need to do is your own research. Do not take this blog post as evidence. Do your own research and hopefully vegans will no longer cry “Save the Mold!”

Disclaimer: We’re very, very sorry if any vegans were offended by this blog post. We are purely trying to provide education and explanations. We our friends with many vegans. However, we highly recommend that you watch the documentary “Fat Fiction” and repair your diet.

Thank you.

save the forests

Saving Old Growth Forests for Future Medicinal Discoveries

Canada has the pleasure of containing many ancient forests with barely-studied plants and mushrooms. These mushrooms and fungi have the potential to reduce disease in populations around the world. For example Lion’s Mane is known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Other rare, un-farmed mushrooms that have medicinal properties which can only be found in nature are becoming more rare by the year as old growth forests disappear under the hatchet of woodcutters.

The potential to discover new medicines dwindles every time a tree is cut down. Nature holds so many secrets waiting to be revealed and if we continue to chop away forests at the rate we’re doing today these secrets may never get discovered. All the drugs and medicines known to man today came from the grace of nature and this is how we pay her back?

This rant is for old people who may not understand the seriousness of this problem, but mostly it’s for young people growing up in this world who are seeking a calling. If saving the forests is the activity you wish to take up in this world, dear young person, you will be doing the most important service known to man. One of the factors why bee populations is decreasing is because of the lack of real old growth forests. And without the bees we’ll lose 70% of our food diversity, including honey, coffee, many fruits and vegetables. We as a species cannot afford to let these forests go away. If we do we will learn the lesson too late.

But it’s not too late. The reason why my blogging partner and I love to spend so much time in the forest is because we praise it as if it were a god. Jungles and wild growth give us everything we need to survive. Therefore without them we cannot survive. It’s that simple.

One of my favorite idles is Paul Stamets because he is an expert in mushrooms and is fighting hard to save the bees with powerful medicines derived from mushrooms. If we had more people like him in this world we wouldn’t need to worry about anything!

So one last time … if you’re a young person reading this and you’re not sure what career path to take, there are so many fields to enter that mankind desperately needs. We need scientists, forest keepers, rangers, survivalists and a host of others. I honestly believe one man who works hard to save the woodlands is more valuable to mankind than 100 lawyers, and that’s not supposed to be a funny joke. I’m serious. We really need to take action at this or soon this blog will have nothing to talk about…

Thanks for reading and please spread this important information!