Ancient Man and Fire

The most common shared human experience is sitting around a fire, and the second most common shared human experience is cooking meat around a fire. Fire, like dogs, is a best friend of mankind. But, like nature itself, it’s also a mortal enemy.

In the wild, man must survive with fire and he also must watch out for it. It can burn down his house or it can forge the tools to build a house. Ancient man and fire go together like bread and butter.

Today I pay my respect to the magic that is fire. Without you mankind would be lost in darkness. You are the sun. You are warmth. Like the ice that keeps our planet in balance, you are essential, and I love you.

Because I have mastered you, I don’t need electronic stoves when I go camping. You are all I need. The spark in you is the spark that flies from my flint, and then I get to see the power of fire before me.

Ancient man and fire… they’re born to be together forever.

clean car

Why Canadians Love Working Home Appliances and Fast Washed Cars…

Not every nation is as clean as Canada. We get to benefit from many hard working men who have made use of long-standing Western values to create a great country, and the greatest metaphor for such a feat in our mind here at West World Canada is working home appliances and freshly washed cars. In other parts of the world where kitchen appliances are in a dearth and clean cars are nowhere to be seen, we here in Canada must be grateful for what we have, but it all came deservedly from ethics and putting hands to tools.

We love kitchen appliances, even when we’re camping in nature, because when we can spend less time cooking and cleaning it leaves us with time to do other things like fishing, build infrastructure and committing decades to science and study. Also, the reason we love freshly detailed and washed automobiles is a different reason. After working so hard, we need something to show for it other than internal satisfaction. External satisfaction like a new car without a single speck of dirt humming down the clean, debris-free highways of British Columbia, is a great display of success indeed, and there’s nothing wrong with flaunting what you’ve earned from hard work, as it inspires other people to work hard as well.

It’s hard for people from other cultures to understand this, but we promise that after a few years of living comfortably with a working fridge and oven, and just one minute of driving a freshly cleaned car, anyone can understand. We work hard to support each other and success never comes when it isn’t deserved. We would vouch that this lesson is taught in nature itself, as a hard working bird gets a nice nest with all her eggs in a row while a lazy bird can sit back and wonder what the big deal is. Well, we just do what makes us happy, and that’s that.

I hope this allowed some people to understand why Canadians thrive off appliances that aren’t broken and cars that aren’t rusted up and dirty.

camping appliances

Should You Bring Cooking Appliances on Camping Trips?

As you might be expecting, this is one of those “it depends” questions. Of course you don’t want to bring all your domestic appliances with you, but some small appliances might be handy. Unless you’re going camping for the full nature experience, it’s nice to have some residential comforts to keep you company. Not everyone enjoys collecting firewood. I have a microwave in my camper for those lazy days when I want a quick coffee without spending thirty minutes preparing everything the hard way.

Now you might ask “Is this the Canadian way, to bring a microwave camping?” Overall, I’d say the answer is no. I’m just unique. Most of my camping buddies actually laugh at me for doing this. But when they’re cold and grumpy in the night because it’s raining and they can’t keep the fire up to cook their tea, it’s my turn to laugh. Sometimes they ask to use my cooking appliances and I always jokingly say no before I let them.

Sometimes all you need to bring is a cooking stove or a BBQ. Depending on how long you’re camping for, you’ll need to bring a good supply of propane. I love camping in the interior of British Columbia where the wildlife is plentiful. I’m not much of a hunter, but I do love fishing, and to me there’s nothing quite like a barbecued fish.

When should you NOT bring cooking appliances on your camping trip?

If you’re going camping with a date or fiance, then I’d recommend you don’t bring cooking appliances because there’s something romantic about doing everything the pioneer way. If you’re a man, you get to show off your toughness by chopping firewood for your woman, and if you’re a woman you get to show off your innovation by cooking without kitchen equipment. If your man is anything like me, he’ll be highly attracted by seeing you in your overalls and mud boots gutting a fish. But not all men are like me. If you’re man is a dainty French prince then he might be turned away by such a sight.

Another good reason NOT to bring cooking appliances on your camping trip is to experience nature with all of its charms and struggles. Every once in a while, especially on shorter trips, I’ll bring nothing but an axe for chopping wood because it’s nice to get the full camping experience. For a shelter I’ll chop down limbs and make a hut, which usually takes most of the day. This is a lot tougher of course, but when you’re curled up by your fire at night eating the fish you cuaght you feel way more accomplished.

When SHOULD you bring cooking appliances on your camping trip?

If you’re going camping with children, especially an infant, it’s wise to have back up ways of cooking food, because these kids will be dependent on you. If something goes wrong, you’ll have a way to feed them. It’s nice to teach kids the old school ways of living in the forest, but it’s not fun to hear kids crying their lungs out because they can’t bear your burnt fish and seaweed soup. Bringing some urban food to cook for them will satisfy their cravings for normal food and save you a headache.

Another good reason for bringing cooking appliances is for an easy, relaxing experience. Not everyone wants to go through the hassle of working hard on their vacation. If all you want to do is relax and enjoy your time to the max, having a microwave in the RV might be a really good convenience. Some people even drive to a hotel at night and then come back to the campsite in the morning. If you’re bringing appliances for cooking on your trip, just make sure you bring a satellite phone in case you need an appliance service. If you’re not prepared and you rely on your appliances for sustenance, having your RV microwave break down might mean going home early. But if you have a means of calling an appliance repair company who’s willing to make the trek to your campsite, then you’re golden. Also a satellite phone can be handy for hundreds of other emergencies. It’s always wise to bring one.

Sometimes you can bring cooking appliances and only use them in emergencies. Whatever your choice is, I hope this post was able to help in some way. If you’re going camping for the first time it’s important to know these things. Some people even bring bathroom appliances like hairdryers to make camping what we call “glamping.” Whatever you bring though, no one can deny that you’re living in the woods. The main thing to remember is that you’re not at home, and it takes courage to do this.

So enjoy you’re camping trip! Thanks for reading West World Canada and check back soon for more interesting content! Bye for now!