Ancient Man and Fire

The most common shared human experience is sitting around a fire, and the second most common shared human experience is cooking meat around a fire. Fire, like dogs, is a best friend of mankind. But, like nature itself, it’s also a mortal enemy.

In the wild, man must survive with fire and he also must watch out for it. It can burn down his house or it can forge the tools to build a house. Ancient man and fire go together like bread and butter.

Today I pay my respect to the magic that is fire. Without you mankind would be lost in darkness. You are the sun. You are warmth. Like the ice that keeps our planet in balance, you are essential, and I love you.

Because I have mastered you, I don’t need electronic stoves when I go camping. You are all I need. The spark in you is the spark that flies from my flint, and then I get to see the power of fire before me.

Ancient man and fire… they’re born to be together forever.